Teacher Led Innovation Fund

Our question is – How might digital devices improve pedagogy and student writing performance?

We are currently investigating the most effective ways for teachers to use digital technology in their writing programme that encompasses literacy resources available such as TKI English, exemplars, videos, and then incorporate these into their daily programme. We are also investigating how digital technology that utilise the stylus pen and touch screen laptops, projectors can assist student learning. This needs to be presented (delivered) in a way that students can understand and relate back to their writing.

We are developing the most effective forms of assessment that students can understand and use as part of their feedback and feed-forward with their writing. There are two formats currently being trialed, one using the e-asTTle marking criteria and another based off the ‘Solo Taxonomy’ model that looks at simple steps of improvement to achieve the next level. The innovation is tying all these resources and procedures together into a programme that is easily understood by students and is consistent through the school. This same programme can be accessed from home to build on our current ‘home-school’ partnership (part of our 24/7 learning belief). We want an assessment system that uses exemplars, where students and parents can see and understand what is required to move up writing levels.

We are developing an effective assessment moderation procedure using the basis of the e-asTTle marking matrix and exemplars for all teachers, school-wide. We wish to collect data/information about each moderation assessment exercise undertaken at each session and use this data to inform the team of next steps for development. Our innovation has developed a way the moderation exercise is accessed and data collected.

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