Tamara Sullivan

Head of Academics and Innovation Ormiston College

Tamara is the Head of Academics and Innovation at Ormiston College and facilitates the College’s directions in 21st century teaching and learning. She understands the new and changing demands of the teaching profession and believes that building capacity is the cornerstone of a contemporary school. She is an innovator who leads e-learning, blended learning, curriculum development and the meaningful use of technology across the profession.

Tamara coordinates the College’s Learning Innovations Leadership Committee which was created to lead innovation, improvement and transformational change across the campus. She supports members to share their findings with the wider community through online forums, conferences and publications.

She is a well-known member in the global educational community and regularly conducts key note addresses, professional development workshops and online webinars. The presentations have a strong focus on shifting educators’ understanding of student learning in 21st century environments, and practical strategies on how to build a culture of innovation.

In 2016, Tamara was awarded the Excellence in Educational Leadership Award by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders in Queensland, and the Australian College of Educators Fellowship Award for her demonstrated leadership in implementing educational initiatives to improve outcomes for students in 21st century environments. In 2017, she was also awarded the Australian Council for Educational Leaders New Voice Scholarship for her contemporary leadership Australian education.

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