Mixed Reality and 3D Paint

Windows 10 + Paint 3D + Virtual Reality = awesome, creative, engaging possibilities in education.     Join me to explore the power of Microsoft Paint 3D.     We’ll look at how to create your own 2D stickers by using the magic select tool to ‘cut out’ part of an  existing image. These stickers can then be added to another scene – allowing you an infinite world of  possibilities!    Create your own 3D images and scenes using the built in tools or use resources from Remix 3D. Learn  how to create engaging lessons for your students and leverage the power of these creative, real world  applications. We’ll explore the Microsoft Education Community and learn how to find lessons and  activities, using Paint 3D, without having to reinvent the wheel.    Investigate how to bring your creations into the real world with virtual reality or print them in 3D..     This session will be practical, with hands on examples using these tools which are easily transferable to  classrooms of all ages. They can be integrated into the curriculum with strong ties to Literacy, Numeracy  and STEAM.    You’ll need to have a device running Windows 10.

MIEExperts New Zealand