MIE Expert Sharing Sessions 2019

MIE Experts Only – Sunday 6th October –

Our Sunday morning sessions are a chance for our MIE Experts to share some of the amazing work they are doing in their schools for each other. Delegates choose one workshop in each session to attend.


Room TBC Integrating Minecraft across Year 4 – 6. 
Kelsie Laing and Adele Warburton 
Room TBC ‘Digital Readiness’ at Baradene in preparation for 2020 
Will Winter
Room TBC A basic outline of how I use Teams for assignments – creating the assignment, uploading resources, creating basic rubrics, giving feedback via the app 
Joanna Wadsworth 
Room TBC Wakelet – organising and curating online content. How to get the most out of your students using Wakelet  Wakelet is a free online tool to help you curate online content. Using Wakelet is an excellent way to organise online information easily. It is also a fantastic tool to help students collaborate. 
Andrea Craig 
Room TBC Visible Learning with Digital Technologies As a school we have taken on visible learning practices because we have strong evidence that it makes a positive impact on student outcomes. Digital technologies support our pedagogical practices at every step.  
Opaheke Team


Room TBC Using One Note to create digital escape rooms. Your students will love working out the clues and ‘breaking out’. These are perfect for end of unit revision or for promoting collaborative problem solving across multiple curriculum areas. There are no limits on the creativity of the challenges that you can choose to include 
Cherie Boucher – Cunningham
Room TBC From Digital Literacy to Digital Technology at St Andrew’s College: Views of an optimist and a pessimist  A reflection of the implementation of a compulsory Y9 Digital Literacy course at St Andrew’s College and its evolution to incorporate the Digital Tech 
Tom Adams and Wilj Dekkers 
Room TBC Using Class Notebook as a tool for Reporting to Parents  We have set up Class Notebooks to report to parents – we no longer write printed reports.  Class Notebooks are used to document student learning in real time and give parents/whanau access to what their child has achieved and what their next steps are. 
Stacey Brown
Room TBC Top tips for computational thinking in the primary classroom. I will be sharing ways that I’ve incorporated Computational Thinking into my classroom programme across the day. I’ll share lesson examples, student voice, resources that I’ve used and created, as well as how I’ve supported the most reluctant of teachers in their classrooms, in preparation for the new DT curriculum that becomes compulsory in 2020 
Luisa Longone
Room TBC Implementing Digital Curriculum – a cross-curricular approach As I am the only Digi Tech teacher in my school, I have to be clever about how we meet the MOE requirements of implementing the new strands of the digital curriculum. Here are a few things I have learned along the way, and, more importantly, a few things that worked! 
Cathy Quigan


Room TBC Digital Technology Curriculum at Haeata. How we are implementing the digital tech curriculum – what it looks like for us at this early stage. 
Sue McLachlan
Room TBC OneNote for personalised planning across the core areas.  Helping students manage their own learning. (Upper primary)  
Adele Warbuton
Room TBC Differentiated learning in a secondary school classroom.  Using OneNote and Learning Tools in an English classroom with secondary school students. I’ll share some working examples of differentiated activities designed for students with a focus on literary essays and persuasive writing. 
Michelle Budge 
Room TBC Kiwi Kids News – a news website for Kiwi Kids Kiwi Kids News has been running in New Zealand for 10 years. It is a news website for New Zealand schools. teachers, and students. Each day we write 4 news articles and provide a weekly quiz, a feature article and homework booklet. This session will go through the website showing you how it can be used in your classroom. 
Shem Banbury 
Room TBC Using Microsoft Teams for Blended Learning Teams has been the digital platform used for a Blended Learning program for a Year 10 Maths course.  Other Microsoft applications used through Office 365 for the Blended Learning program include Forms, OneNote, Class Notebook, Stream and OneDrive. 
Kim Orr 

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