MakeCode and MicroBit

Are you looking for ways to integrate the new Digital Technology Curriculum into your classroom  programme?    Computational thinking is the first concept students meet in the new curriculum and the BBC  micro:bit is a great tool for introducing, or building on, this type of thinking.    In this hands on workshop we’ll look at the concept of ‘low floor, high ceiling’ activities and why  the micro:bit is a great tool for providing these type of activities, regardless of the age of the  students you are working with.     We’ll explore why it’s an awesome tool to use in your classroom, how it can help your students  develop critical thinking skills, what you can do with it in your classroom programme and how  you can engage and extend your students with it.    You’ll have a chance to experiment with, and code, a micro:bit yourself and explore Microsoft’s  Makecode website. 

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