Creativity Cornucopia

Creativity Cornucopia – John Phelps

This session has been prompted by a chance meeting with a top Year 13 student at a local college just last month.

“Are you Mr Phelps he enquired?”


“A friend and I were reminiscing just recently and were saying how much we loved the Digital activities we did with you years ago. We found some and commented on how great they still look.”

The whole session is based on students creating exciting material to support a wide range of subject matter in both primary and secondary schools.

You see examples of what this boy was talking about, demonstrations, hands on play if you wish  and  access to a large store of hints, tips, templates and examples to inspire learners.  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Paint, 3D Paint, Photography a several free programme will feature.  Drawing, Painting, Animation and Game Making will be included.

 The Downloadable Notebook  will have all the resources for you to keep and share.

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