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2021-2022 MIE Expert nomination

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2021-2022 MIE Expert nomination form! The nomination tool has moved to Please follow these steps if you want to be in the program.

  1. Create a new account at
  2. If you use the Edge browser, you can take advantage of the translation feature to see all of the questions in your native language.
  3. Before you begin filling out your nomination form online, download the Word document with all the questions so that you can plan your nomination thoughtfully. We have raised the rigor level and the questions are all new.
  4. We have added a lot of new “about you” questions to help us get to know you and all the various tools you use. This section does NOT affect your nomination in any way.
  5. We suggest you collaborate with your colleagues to plan your responses to all of the questions. Work together to ensure you have the best responses possible!
  6. For the quiz-like questions, use the resources at the bottom of the Word document to help ensure you get the correct answers.
  7. For the long-form answers, be detailed and thoughtful in your responses. You must have a minimum of 500 characters (which is generally a short paragraph). You may respond in your native language if that is easier for you. This is the part that matters the most on your nomination
  8. Once you click submit, your nomination will be automatically scored for the first part of the questions (see this document which explains which questions are autoscored). The questions are worth different amounts. We don’t expect you to use everything listed on a daily level, but ideally, you are using Teams, but if you are an avid Minecraft or Flipgrid user, that will work as well! We are only looking for a minimum threshold on these questions! Don’t worry too much about this!
  9. Once your nomination has been auto-scored, you will receive an email either letting you know you have been moved on, or one that says you didn’t make it through auto-scoring, but you can try again (so get your nomination in early so you have time to study if the reason you missed was because of the quiz-like questions (I can’t recommend enough that you use this document to help you study and prepare).
  10. You have until July 15 to submit your nomination. Human reviewers in your local country/region will begin reviewing all the long form answers and the week of August 30th, we will announce in a blog post and by posting a list of everyone who made it in. You will also receive an email that congratulates you, and gives you next steps, or an email that lets you know you didn’t make it in the program.
  11. Once you have been accepted, your badge will be awarded through (formerly known as Acclaim). We will use the email address you provided during the registration process. You can add multiple emails to your Credly account, so if you want to ensure you receive your 2021-2022 badge, please be sure that the email accounts you provided are all in your account on Credly!

We have worked really hard to give you everything you need to be successful in this new process. Thank you so much for everything you do for teaching and learning. The world is a better place because of you! If you run into any technical difficulties with the form,

2020/21 MIE Experts chosen

A total of 98 New Zealand Educators have been selected as 2020/21 Microsoft Innovation Education Experts (MIE Experts).

Spread from around New Zealand, the new group includes new teachers and a number of ‘old hands’ that have been MIE Experts before.

The group consists of a mix of primary and secondary teachers who connect regularly online to share, discover and learn.

The MIE Expert programme is part of a global community of educators passionate about using technology to improve student outcomes. Around the world there is nearly 20,000 new and returning educators to the 2020-2021 class of MIE Experts.

Two new teachers are Richard Watson (PE Teacher) and Mat Syng (Chemistry), both coming from Aquinas College. Both are excited about what being included in the programme for 2020/21. Both are looking forward to learning more about the variety of ICT tools available and connecting with like minded educators around New Zealand.